Brand: Dahua
Model: DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32
Capacity: 8 GB
Applicable Model: DDR4 laptop
Operating Frequency: 3200 MHz

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The DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32 8GB RAM is a cutting-edge DDR4 SDRAM (Double Data Rate 4 Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory) module designed to enhance the performance of various computing devices. This memory module, with its 8GB capacity, is an ideal choice for both consumer and enterprise applications.

Built with high-quality components and advanced manufacturing processes, the DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32 8GB RAM ensures reliable and efficient memory operations. Its DDR4 technology offers significant advantages over previous generations, including increased bandwidth, improved power efficiency, and enhanced data transfer rates.

The 8GB capacity of this module is suitable for a wide range of tasks, from everyday computing and multimedia applications to more demanding workloads such as content creation, gaming, and data analysis. With 8GB of memory, you can run multiple applications simultaneously without experiencing significant performance bottlenecks, making it a versatile choice for modern computing needs.

The DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32 also features an SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module) form factor, which is commonly used in laptops, compact desktops, and other small form factor systems. This compact design ensures compatibility with a broad array of devices and simplifies the memory upgrade process for end users.

The module is equipped with 32 memory banks, enhancing its ability to efficiently manage data and improve overall system responsiveness. This feature is particularly beneficial for multitasking and data-intensive applications.

Furthermore, the DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32 operates at a standard speed of 3000MHz, ensuring fast and responsive performance. It complies with industry-standard specifications and is rigorously tested for quality and compatibility, guaranteeing reliability and stability in diverse computing environments.

In summary, the DHI-DDR-C300S8-G32 8GB DDR4 SODIMM memory module is a high-quality and efficient memory solution suitable for a wide range of computing applications. Its 8GB capacity, DDR4 technology, compact form factor, and 32 memory banks make it a reliable and versatile choice for enhancing system performance and responsiveness. Whether you’re upgrading a laptop or a small form factor desktop, this module can significantly improve your computing experience.


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