4PSOLID-Bare Copper,
57mm,PVC, CM
Orange Color


The CAB-LC3100B-E-IN Cat-6 Cable PURE COPPER is a high-quality networking cable designed to meet the demands of modern data transmission and networking applications. This cable is specifically designed for outdoor installations, making it ideal for connecting devices in challenging outdoor environments.

At its core, this cable features pure copper conductors, which provide superior electrical conductivity compared to cables with Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors. Pure copper ensures minimal signal loss and maximum data transmission speeds, making it suitable for high-bandwidth applications.

The Cat-6 designation signifies the cable’s ability to support Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed networking protocols. This ensures fast and reliable data transfer, making it a great choice for various outdoor networking projects, including outdoor surveillance systems, outdoor Wi-Fi networks, and long-distance connections.

The cable’s outdoor-specific design is crucial for its durability and performance in outdoor settings. It is engineered to withstand environmental factors such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture. The outer jacket is designed to protect the pure copper conductors from damage caused by exposure to the elements. This makes the cable suitable for outdoor applications where durability and resilience to harsh conditions are essential.

The CAB-LC3100B-E-IN Cat-6 Cable PURE COPPER is provided in a generous 305-meter length on a bulk spool, allowing for customized cable runs tailored to your specific outdoor networking needs. The cable is typically marked at regular intervals, making it easy to measure and cut to the desired length during installation.

Furthermore, this cable is designed to minimize crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring a stable and interference-free network connection even in environments with multiple cables and electronic devices.

In summary, the CAB-LC3100B-E-IN Cat-6 Cable PURE COPPER is a top-notch networking solution for outdoor installations. Its use of pure copper conductors, support for high-speed networking, and resistance to environmental factors make it a reliable choice for demanding outdoor networking projects. Whether you’re extending your network outdoors, setting up outdoor surveillance, or connecting remote devices, this cable ensures that your outdoor networking requirements are met with exceptional performance and durability.


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