Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper INDOOR 305M


Insulation:HDPEΦ 9±
Jacket:Gray PVC
Φ 0.6±0.20mm, Thickness 0.60mm


The Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Indoor 305M is a top-of-the-line networking cable engineered for high-performance indoor installations. With its Category 6 (Cat-6) classification, pure copper conductors, and generous 305-meter length, this cable is the ideal choice for demanding networking applications in homes, offices, data centers, and more.

The defining feature of this cable is its use of pure copper conductors. Unlike cables with Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors, pure copper provides superior electrical conductivity and performance. It ensures minimal signal loss and maximum data transmission speeds, making it perfect for high-bandwidth applications.

The Cat-6 designation of this cable signifies its ability to support Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed networking protocols. Whether you’re connecting computers, servers, switches, or other network devices, this cable can handle the data throughput demands of modern networks, resulting in fast and reliable connectivity.

The 305-meter length of this cable, provided on a bulk spool, offers flexibility and convenience for various installation scenarios. It’s suitable for both small-scale and large-scale networking projects. The cable is typically marked at intervals to aid in precise measurement and cutting, streamlining the installation process.

The Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Indoor is designed for indoor use and is optimized to reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI). This ensures a stable and interference-free network connection, even in environments with multiple cables and electronic devices. It’s perfect for creating reliable and efficient network connections in homes and offices.

The cable’s construction is in compliance with industry standards, featuring a durable and flame-resistant outer jacket that provides protection for the pure copper conductors. This ensures that the cable not only delivers top-notch performance but also meets safety requirements for indoor installations.

In summary, the Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Indoor 305M is a premium networking solution designed for demanding indoor networking applications. Its use of pure copper conductors, high-speed capabilities, long length, and resistance to interference make it the go-to choice for those who require fast and reliable network connections indoors. Whether you’re building a home network, upgrading your office infrastructure, or setting up a data center, this cable ensures that your indoor networking needs are met with the highest level of performance and reliability.


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