3MP PT Color Audio IP Camera


  • High quality image with 3MP, 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor
  • Support Ultra 265, H.265, H.264
  • Support false alarm filtering
  • Built-in Mic & Speaker
  • Support two way audio with Smart IR, upto 30m
  • Support 256GB Micro SD card
  • IP66 ingress protection


The Uniarch Rainbow Series 3MP PT-Audio Colorhunter Camera IPC-P213 AF40KC represents a pinnacle in surveillance technology, combining advanced features and exceptional performance to cater to a wide range of security needs. This versatile camera is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, setting new standards in video quality, audio capabilities, and color accuracy.

At the heart of this camera is its impressive 3MP resolution, ensuring crystal-clear, high-definition video footage. The camera captures details with unparalleled precision, making it ideal for various scenarios, from home security to industrial surveillance. Its high resolution guarantees that even the finest details are preserved, enhancing overall security.

What sets the IPC-P213 AF40KC apart is its groundbreaking Audio Colorhunter technology. This innovative feature incorporates advanced audio capabilities, elevating the camera’s functionality. With two-way audio communication, users can listen and speak through the camera in real time. This interactive feature is invaluable for immediate response or deterring potential threats, adding an extra layer of security. With the Audio Colorhunter, you can not only see but also hear what’s happening in the monitored area.

The Colorhunter feature further enhances the camera’s performance. It optimizes color accuracy, ensuring that the captured images are not only sharp but also vivid and true to life. This proves invaluable in scenarios where distinguishing between objects, identifying individuals, or differentiating vehicle colors is critical.

Installing the IPC-P213 AF40KC is a breeze, thanks to its pan-and-tilt functionality. This camera can rotate and tilt to cover a wide area, offering flexible placement options. It is weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor use even in challenging conditions. Furthermore, its 40 meters of infrared night vision ensures 24/7 surveillance with exceptional clarity, even in low-light or pitch-dark environments.

In summary, the Uniarch Rainbow Series 3MP PT-Audio Colorhunter Camera IPC-P213 AF40KC is an advanced security camera designed to excel in video quality, audio capabilities, and color accuracy. Whether you’re enhancing security for your home or safeguarding a commercial property, this camera offers exceptional reliability and peace of mind, ensuring that you can monitor, record, and react effectively to any situation. It’s a versatile and powerful solution for your surveillance needs, where detail, communication, and color accuracy are paramount.

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Uniarch Colorhunter Bullet Camera – 3MP Audio


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