ZKTeco D100S


Dimension:410(L) X 85(W) X 45(H) mm
Powervoltage: standard 9V battery
Operating voltage: 7V-9V


The ZKTeco D100S is a state-of-the-art walkthrough metal detector designed to enhance security by efficiently and accurately detecting metallic objects on individuals passing through. With a range of advanced features and a user-friendly interface, it is ideal for use in various security-sensitive environments, including airports, government buildings, schools, public events, and commercial facilities.

Key Features and Description:

  1. High Sensitivity: The D100S is equipped with advanced sensors and signal processing technology, providing high sensitivity to various types of metal objects. This ensures accurate and reliable detection, minimizing the risk of security breaches.
  2. Multi-Zone Detection: One of the standout features is its multi-zone detection capability. The detector is divided into multiple detection zones, allowing it to precisely pinpoint the location of a detected metal object on the person. This feature aids security personnel in determining the source of the alert without the need for physical searches.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The D100S features a user-friendly interface, including an LCD display and a straightforward control panel. It is designed to be intuitive to operate and configure, making it accessible for security professionals and occasional users alike.
  4. Adjustable Sensitivity: Users can easily adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector to accommodate varying security requirements and environmental conditions. This flexibility allows for fine-tuning the detection capabilities to specific needs.
  5. Visual and Audible Alarms: When a metal object is detected, the D100S triggers both visual and audible alarms. This immediate alerting system ensures that security personnel can respond promptly to potential threats.
  6. Weatherproof Design (Optional): Some models of the D100S come with a weatherproof design, making them suitable for outdoor use, even in challenging weather conditions.
  7. High Throughput: This metal detector is optimized for high throughput, capable of processing a large number of individuals quickly and efficiently. It minimizes queuing times and helps manage crowds effectively.
  8. Multi-Language Support: To cater to diverse user groups, the D100S typically supports multiple languages. This ensures that instructions and alerts are easily understood by individuals from various backgrounds.
  9. Optional Battery Backup: For added security and uninterrupted operation during power outages or situations requiring mobility, certain models can be equipped with a battery backup system.
  10. Data Logging and Connectivity (Optional): The D100S may offer data logging capabilities, allowing security personnel to review and analyze detection data. It can also be integrated with external security systems for enhanced security management.

In summary, the ZKTeco D100S is a highly advanced and efficient walkthrough metal detector that significantly enhances security measures in various environments. Its combination of high sensitivity, multi-zone detection, user-friendly interface, and customization options makes it an invaluable tool for security professionals seeking to accurately and swiftly detect metallic objects on individuals while maintaining a seamless and efficient flow of people through security checkpoints.


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