ZKTeco GL300


  • User Capacity. Fingerprint / Password / Card – 100 sets each.
  • Operating Temperature. -25°C – 55°C.
  • Power Supply. 4*AA Alkaline Battery.
  • Battery Life. ~1 year.
  • Door Thickness. 10mm – 12mm.
  • Color. Black.


The ZKTeco GL300 is a versatile and reliable biometric fingerprint door lock system designed to enhance security and access control for residential and small commercial applications. This innovative device offers a range of features and benefits to provide convenient and secure access management.

At its core, the ZKTeco GL300 is a fingerprint recognition door lock that replaces traditional key-based locks. Users can gain access to their premises by simply placing their enrolled fingerprint on the sensor, eliminating the need for physical keys or PIN codes. This biometric technology ensures that only authorized individuals can enter, enhancing security.

One of the standout features of the GL300 is its user-friendly design. It features a sleek and modern appearance that complements various door styles. The device is equipped with a responsive touchscreen interface that makes user enrollment and management straightforward, allowing users to easily add or remove authorized individuals and manage access privileges.

The GL300 offers multiple access methods, including fingerprint recognition, RFID card, PIN code, and mechanical key override. This versatility provides users with various options for gaining entry, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Security is a top priority with the GL300. It features advanced encryption and tamper detection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. Additionally, the device is equipped with a built-in alarm system that can trigger alerts in case of suspicious activity or forced entry attempts.

The GL300 can store a substantial number of fingerprints and access records, making it suitable for both residential and small commercial use. It also supports remote management through optional connectivity features, allowing homeowners or business owners to monitor and control access remotely.

In conclusion, the ZKTeco GL300 is a sophisticated biometric fingerprint door lock system that combines convenience and security. With its user-friendly interface, multiple access methods, and advanced security features, it provides an effective means of access control for residential and small commercial applications, offering peace of mind and enhanced security for property owners.


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