Double Glass Toaster Oven 55L


  • Power : 2000W
  • Capacity 55L
  • Bake up to 14” pizza
  • Heat resistant double layer glass door design for added safety
  • Toast/Bake/Broil function for variety of cooking
  • Double grill with convection function for uniform cooking
  • Low-250°C temperature setting for a wide range of cooking applications
  • Galvanized Stainless Steel cavity for improved durability
  • Special groove design to facilitate easy handling of warm food container before removal
  • 110° Glass door opening to prevent food stacking
  • 60 min timer with bell ring
  • Lamp to observe cooking status
  • Bell ring for cooking end signal
  • Stay-on function for continuous cooking
  • Power Indicator light
  • Non-Stick food tray & tray handle
  • Wire rack
  • Rotisserie & rotisserie handle
  • Crumb tray​
  • 2 Years Warranty*


The Double Glass Toaster Oven 55L is a versatile kitchen appliance designed to simplify and enhance your cooking experience. With a spacious 55-liter capacity, this toaster oven is perfect for preparing a wide range of dishes, from toasting bread to baking pizzas and roasting meats.

One of the standout features of this toaster oven is its double glass door design. The double glass not only enhances the oven’s insulation, allowing it to maintain a consistent temperature, but it also provides a clear view of your food as it cooks. This means you can easily monitor the cooking process without opening the oven door, helping to maintain the desired temperature and save energy.

The toaster oven offers a range of cooking options and settings to suit your culinary needs. It comes equipped with multiple cooking modes, including baking, broiling, toasting, and grilling. The adjustable temperature control allows you to set the oven to the perfect temperature for your recipe, while the timer function ensures precise cooking times. The toaster oven also features convection cooking, which promotes even heat distribution for more consistent results.

In terms of convenience, the Double Glass Toaster Oven 55L is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It has easy-to-use dials and buttons for selecting cooking modes and adjusting settings. The removable crumb tray and non-stick interior make cleaning up a breeze, and the oven’s compact size means it won’t take up too much counter space.

Safety is a top priority with this toaster oven, thanks to its built-in safety features. The double glass door remains cool to the touch during operation, reducing the risk of burns. Additionally, the oven is equipped with an auto-shutoff function that turns off the heat when the timer reaches zero, preventing overcooking and potential hazards.

In conclusion, the Double Glass Toaster Oven 55L is a reliable and versatile kitchen appliance that can handle a variety of cooking tasks. Its double glass design, multiple cooking modes, and user-friendly features make it a valuable addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re toasting, baking, broiling, or grilling, this toaster oven offers the performance and convenience you need to elevate your cooking game.


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