Electric Oven 33L


  • Output Power 1600W
  • Grill Function
  • Rotisserie Function
  • Express Cooking
  • 60 Min. Timer,¬†with End Bell Single
  • Dimension: 530x405x323 mm


A Electric Oven 33L is a versatile kitchen appliance designed for cooking, baking, and roasting a wide range of dishes. This compact yet efficient appliance offers several benefits for home cooks and bakers.

With a capacity of 33 liters, this electric oven provides ample space for various cooking needs. It typically features multiple cooking racks, allowing you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously, saving time and energy. The oven’s compact size makes it a suitable choice for smaller kitchens or apartments where space is limited.

One of the key advantages of an electric oven is its consistent and even heating. It typically uses electric coils or elements to generate heat, ensuring that your dishes are cooked evenly from all sides. This results in better-cooked food with uniform texture and taste.

Many modern 33-liter electric ovens come equipped with a range of cooking modes and temperature settings. You can bake cakes, cookies, and bread, roast meats and vegetables, and even broil dishes to perfection. Some models also include convection fans, which circulate hot air for faster and more even cooking.

The convenience of a timer and digital controls simplifies cooking. You can set precise cooking times and temperatures, ensuring that your recipes turn out just the way you want them. Additionally, many electric ovens have a built-in light, allowing you to monitor your dishes’ progress without opening the oven door and releasing heat.

Cleaning is also relatively easy with most electric ovens, as they often come with removable trays and racks that can be washed separately. Some models even feature a self-cleaning function that burns off residue at high temperatures, leaving your oven clean with minimal effort.

In summary, a 33-liter electric oven is a versatile and efficient kitchen appliance suitable for a wide range of cooking tasks. Its even heating, multiple cooking modes, and user-friendly controls make it an excellent addition to any kitchen, whether you’re a novice cook or a seasoned chef. Plus, its compact size makes it a space-saving option for those with limited kitchen space


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