Front-Load Washing Machine


  • AI Direct Drive™
  • TurboWash™
  • TWINWash™ Compatible
  • Steam+™
  • Bigger Capacity
  • ThinQ™ (Wi-Fi)
  • 1 Year Comprehensive, including 10 Years on Motor
    [ Excluding Outer Steel Casing, Top Lid, Filters, pipes ]


The 9 kg front-load washing machine is a powerful and efficient appliance designed to handle large laundry loads with ease. With its spacious 9 kg washing capacity, this machine is perfect for households with significant laundry needs, making it an excellent choice for families or individuals seeking high-performance laundry solutions.

One of the key advantages of a front-load washing machine is its horizontal drum orientation. This design not only allows for greater washing capacity but also offers superior cleaning performance. The drum rotates horizontally, ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly agitated and cleaned.

The machine offers a wide range of wash programs and settings to cater to different fabric types and soil levels. From delicate cycles for fragile garments to intensive washes for heavily soiled items, you have the flexibility to customize each wash to suit your specific laundry requirements.

Front-load washing machines are known for their exceptional cleaning power and efficiency. They use less water and detergent compared to top-load machines, contributing to both cost savings and environmental conservation. Additionally, the horizontal drum rotation minimizes wear and tear on your clothes, prolonging their lifespan.

The control panel of the 9 kg front-load washing machine is user-friendly, often featuring a digital display and touch-sensitive buttons. This allows for easy program selection and customization, making laundry management a hassle-free experience.

These machines often come with advanced features like a delay start function, which enables you to schedule wash cycles to start at your convenience, taking advantage of off-peak electricity hours.

The 9 kg front-load washing machine is designed for durability and longevity. It typically includes features such as a stainless steel drum that resists rust and damage, ensuring years of reliable performance.

In conclusion, the 9 kg front-load washing machine offers a high-capacity and energy-efficient laundry solution for larger households. Its advanced cleaning capabilities, customizable settings, and eco-friendly operation make it a valuable addition to any home, simplifying the laundry process and ensuring that your clothes are cleaned effectively and efficiently with each wash.


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