Fruit & Vegetable Purifier 10L


  • Capacity: Large 10 L Capacity
  • Thousands of Active Oxygen Bubbles safely and effectively wash pesticides and chemicals from Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Sea food and Baby Bottle
  • Electric Ozone Purifier – kill harmful bacteria, fungus and other pathogens
  • Ideal for 6 in 1 use: Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Seafood, Tableware and Baby Bottle Purification
  • Product Dimensions: L – 33 cm, W – 27 cm , H – 31 cm
  • Digital Readout Push button with Automatic Timer Function (15-20 min)
  • Compact and light weight, Simple to use
  • 1 Year Warranty


The 10-liter Fruit & Vegetable Purifier 10L is an innovative kitchen appliance designed to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle by effectively removing harmful contaminants from your fruits and vegetables. This device utilizes advanced purification technology to ensure that the produce you consume is safe and free from pesticides, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants.

At its core, this purifier employs a multi-stage purification process to cleanse your fruits and vegetables thoroughly. The key stages include ozone purification, ultraviolet (UV) sterilization, and activated carbon filtration. This comprehensive approach not only eliminates surface contaminants but also extends the shelf life of your produce by reducing the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms.

The spacious 10-liter compartment allows you to purify a significant quantity of fruits and vegetables in one go, making it suitable for households of varying sizes. The adjustable timer and control settings give you flexibility in choosing the purification duration, ensuring that your produce is thoroughly cleaned without overexposure.

The user-friendly control panel offers easy access to functions like timer settings and mode selection. Some models also include a display screen that provides real-time progress updates during the purification process.

Maintenance is hassle-free, thanks to filter replacement indicators that notify you when it’s time to change the filters. This ensures that the purification process remains efficient and effective over time.

The compact and sleek design of the 10-liter Fruit & Vegetable Purifier allows for convenient placement on kitchen countertops. Its quiet operation ensures that you can use it without causing any disturbances.

By using this purifier, you not only enhance the safety of your food but also contribute to healthier eating habits for you and your family. Removing harmful contaminants from fruits and vegetables not only improves their taste but also safeguards your health.

In conclusion, the 10-liter Fruit & Vegetable Purifier is an essential addition to your kitchen to ensure that the produce you consume is free from contaminants and safe for your family. Its advanced purification process, generous capacity, user-friendly features, and compact design make it a valuable asset for promoting health and well-being by ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the food you eat.


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