Microwave Oven 23 L


  • Capacity-23 L:Suitable for bachelors & small families
  • Convection: Can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean
  • Child Lock: Ensures complete safety especially for homes with small children
  • Color: Red Floral


The Microwave Oven 23 L is a compact and versatile kitchen appliance designed to simplify and expedite your cooking and heating tasks. Despite its smaller size, it offers a wide range of features and functions that make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, catering to individuals, couples, and small families.

Key Features:

  1. 23-Liter Capacity: This microwave oven provides a practical cooking and heating space. It’s suitable for reheating leftovers, defrosting frozen items, and preparing small to medium-sized dishes.
  2. Digital Control Panel: Equipped with a user-friendly digital control panel, this microwave oven allows you to set precise cooking times, adjust power levels, and select from various cooking modes. The digital display ensures that your settings are clear and easy to read.
  3. Quick Start and Express Cooking: Many 23-Liter Microwave Ovens feature quick start or express cooking functions, enabling you to rapidly heat beverages or reheat leftovers with a single button press, saving you time and effort.
  4. Defrosting Function: Defrosting frozen foods is a breeze with the dedicated defrost function. By inputting the weight of your ingredients, the microwave calculates the optimal defrosting time, ensuring even thawing without partial cooking.
  5. Turntable for Even Cooking: To ensure consistent and uniform cooking results, a rotating turntable is typically included. This feature evenly distributes microwave energy throughout the oven, eliminating cold spots and ensuring that your food is cooked uniformly.
  6. Child Safety Lock: Safety is a top priority, especially in households with children. Many 23-Liter Microwave Ovens come equipped with a child safety lock feature, preventing unintended operation and keeping young ones safe.
  7. Compact and Space-Efficient: With its compact design, this microwave oven fits well in kitchens with limited counter space. Its sleek and modern appearance complements various kitchen styles.
  8. Versatility: Despite its smaller size, this microwave oven can perform a wide range of cooking tasks, from reheating and cooking simple dishes to defrosting ingredients and even lightly grilling, depending on the model.

In conclusion, the 23-Liter Microwave Oven is a versatile and practical kitchen appliance that simplifies your daily cooking and heating needs. Whether you’re warming up leftovers, defrosting ingredients, or cooking small to medium-sized meals, this microwave oven offers ease of use and efficiency in a compact package. Its user-friendly controls, safety features, and space-saving design make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, enhancing your culinary experience while saving you time and effort


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