Ribbon and retransfer film 1000 print for XID 8600


  • 600 x 600dpi dual-sided printing
  • 200 card input feeder / output hopper
  • Robust and durable print engine
  • Consistent print quality

    Consistent print quality on multiple card surfaces/materials

  • High capacity consumables

    High capacity consumables (1000 images)

  • Security printing including microtext and UV
  • Up to 125 cards per hour
  • USB and Ethernet


The Ribbon and retransfer film 1000 print for XID 8600 card printer is an essential consumable that plays a crucial role in ensuring high-quality, secure, and professional card printing for various organizations.

High-Quality Printing: The ribbon and retransfer film combination is designed to provide exceptional print quality with a resolution of up to 600 dpi. This ensures that text, images, and graphics on the cards are sharp, clear, and professional, meeting the highest standards for visual appeal.

Edge-to-Edge Printing: The retransfer technology, when used with the ribbon and film, allows for full-bleed, edge-to-edge card printing. This means that the entire card surface is covered with vibrant and precise colors, ensuring that the cards look polished and visually pleasing.

Secure and Durable: The ribbon and retransfer film are equipped with features that enhance card security and durability. Elements like watermark printing, ultraviolet (UV) ink printing, and microtext printing can be incorporated to increase card security. Additionally, retransfer technology contributes to the overall durability of the printed cards, making them resistant to wear and fading.

Consistency: The ribbon and retransfer film ensure consistent print quality across all cards in a print run, eliminating variations and ensuring a professional and uniform appearance for all cards.

Efficiency: The 1000-print capacity of the ribbon and retransfer film set significantly reduces the need for frequent replacements, minimizing printer downtime and reducing overall operational costs. This is particularly beneficial for organizations with high-volume card printing needs.

Versatility: The ribbon and retransfer film set are versatile and compatible with various card materials, including PVC, PET, and composite cards. This compatibility allows organizations to select the card type that best suits their application requirements.

Multi-Functionality: The combination can be used to create multi-functional cards by incorporating additional elements such as smart card encoding, magnetic stripe encoding, and contactless card encoding. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor cards to serve different purposes.

Ease of Replacement: Replacing the ribbon and retransfer film is a straightforward process, ensuring that organizations can quickly maintain the printer’s efficiency without requiring advanced technical skills.

Applications: The ribbon and retransfer film for the XID 8600 are indispensable for organizations across various industries, including government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and corporations. They are used for a wide range of applications, such as employee badges, access control cards, membership cards, and more.

In conclusion, the ribbon and retransfer film for the Matica XID 8600, with a 1000-print capacity, are vital consumables for organizations that rely on this card printer for their card issuance needs. They guarantee high-quality, secure, and durable card printing, offering consistency and efficiency. Their versatility and compatibility with different card materials and encoding options make them a valuable tool for businesses, government agencies, and institutions seeking to create professional, reliable, and customized cards tailored to their specific needs.


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