Color-hunter Camera


  • High quality image with 3MP(2304*1296, Max 25fps), 1/2.8″ progressive CMOS sensor
  • Support Smart IR upto 50m(164ft) IR distance with Optical glass window, IR reflection window to increase infrared transmittance
  • Support Ultra 265, H.265, H.264 with IP67 protection
  • Motion Detection, Human Detection, Audio
    Detection, Day/night functionality
  • Support 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction with Built-in Mic


The Uniarch Colorhunter Bullet Camera, known as the IPC-B213-APF40W, represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of surveillance and security. This remarkable device combines high-resolution imaging, advanced audio capabilities, and innovative color technology, making it a standout choice for both residential and commercial applications.

At the heart of the IPC-B213-APF40W is its impressive 3MP resolution. This means that it captures video with incredible clarity and detail. The high resolution ensures that no detail goes unnoticed, whether it’s for monitoring your home or safeguarding your business. The crisp imagery delivered by this camera sets it apart in terms of video quality.

What truly distinguishes this camera is its Audio Colorhunter technology. This innovative feature integrates advanced audio functions to elevate your security and surveillance experience. The camera facilitates two-way audio communication, allowing users to both listen and speak through the camera. This real-time interactivity is invaluable for immediate response to events or for deterring potential intruders. The audio component adds an extra layer of security, enabling you to not only see but also hear what’s happening.

The Colorhunter technology is another remarkable feature that enhances the IPC-B213-APF40W. It optimizes the camera’s color performance, ensuring that the captured images are not just sharp but also incredibly vivid and true to life. This is particularly crucial when it comes to distinguishing objects, clothing, or vehicles based on their colors.

Installation is straightforward, thanks to its bullet design, making it versatile for various placement options. The IPC-B213-APF40W is built to withstand the elements, being weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use, even in adverse conditions. Furthermore, its powerful 40 meters of infrared night vision ensures that your surveillance is active around the clock, delivering clear images in low-light or total darkness.

In summary, the 3MP Audio Colorhunter Bullet Camera, IPC-B213-APF40W, is a top-tier security solution that excels in both video and audio performance. With advanced features like Audio Colorhunter, two-way communication, and superior color accuracy, it’s an ideal choice for all your surveillance needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance security at home or protect your business, this camera ensures exceptional reliability, providing the peace of mind you deserve.


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