4MP Vandalproof IP Camera


  • Model No.: IPC324LB-SF28-A
  • High quality 4MP, 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor
  • Support Ultra 265, H.265, H.264
  • Smart IR, up to 30m IR distance
  • Support 2D/3D DNR with P67 protection
  • Support IK10 vandal resistant
  • Support PoE power supply with 2-Axis


The  Uniview Vandalproof IP Dome Camera, IPC324LB-SF28-A, is a state-of-the-art surveillance solution designed for both exceptional durability and uncompromising security. This robust dome camera offers top-notch performance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications, from safeguarding homes to monitoring commercial properties.

At the core of the IPC324LB-SF28-A is its impressive 4 MP resolution, which delivers high-definition video with outstanding clarity and detail. Every aspect of the scene is captured with precision, ensuring that no detail escapes its watchful lens. This level of resolution proves invaluable when it comes to identifying individuals or incidents, making it an indispensable tool for elevating security measures.

One of the standout features of this camera is its built-in infrared (IR) technology. This capability allows the camera to provide reliable night vision, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance even in low-light or pitch-dark conditions. The IR illumination has a substantial reach, ensuring that your surveillance remains effective around the clock.

Durability is a key focus for the IPC324LB-SF28-A. Its “vandalproof” design ensures robust protection against tampering and physical damage, making it an ideal choice for areas where the camera might be at risk of interference or vandalism. Furthermore, the camera is engineered to withstand a range of environmental conditions, making it weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Installation is straightforward, thanks to its dome design. This design allows for discreet and unobtrusive placement, making it ideal for locations where aesthetics matter. Additionally, the camera is compatible with various mounting options, providing flexibility to install it in the most suitable location for your specific surveillance needs.

In summary, the 4 MP IR Vandalproof IP Dome Camera, IPC324LB-SF28-A, is an advanced surveillance solution that excels in both durability and video quality. With its high-resolution capabilities, impressive IR night vision, and robust resistance to tampering, it is a versatile choice for all your security requirements. Whether you’re enhancing the protection of your home or safeguarding a commercial property, this camera ensures exceptional reliability, providing peace of mind and a resilient security solution. Its durability, combined with its top-tier video performance, makes it a standout choice in the realm of surveillance technology.


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