.Brand: Dahua
.Model: DHI-TF-C100/64GB
.Capacity: 64GB
.Read Speed: Up to 95 MB/s
.Write Speed: Up to 38 MB/s

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The DHI-TF-C100/64GB is a reliable and high-capacity 64GB SD-CARD designed to offer a compact and portable storage solution for a wide range of devices, such as digital cameras, smartphones, action cameras, drones, and other electronic gadgets. With its 64GB storage capacity, this microSD card provides ample space for storing photos, videos, documents, and various media files.

One of the key features of this microSD card is its excellent compatibility. It adheres to the standard SD card dimensions, making it suitable for use in a broad spectrum of devices equipped with microSD card slots. Whether you need to expand the storage of your smartphone or capture high-resolution photos and videos with your digital camera, this microSD card is a versatile and cost-effective option.

The DHI-TF-C100/64GB microSD card offers a decent capacity for everyday use. It can store thousands of photos, hours of HD video, or a substantial collection of music and documents. This makes it well-suited for various applications, including photography, video recording, and data storage.

In addition to its capacity, this microSD card is built for durability. It can withstand a range of environmental conditions, such as temperature extremes, humidity, and even exposure to X-rays, which makes it suitable for travel and outdoor activities. It also features shock resistance, ensuring that your data remains safe even in more demanding situations.

The card offers a standard Class 10 speed rating, which is ideal for recording Full HD videos and capturing high-resolution photos without lag or dropped frames. However, it may not be the best choice for recording 4K videos or extremely high-speed data transfers, as it may not support UHS (Ultra High Speed) bus speeds.

Overall, the DHI-TF-C100/64GB is a reliable and versatile 64GB microSD card that offers a good balance between capacity and performance. Whether you need to expand your smartphone’s storage, capture memories with your camera, or store files for your gadgets, this microSD card is a practical choice. It provides a cost-effective solution for a variety of storage needs, offering peace of mind regarding data storage and access.


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