Front-Load Washing Machine


  • AI Direct Drive
  • Turbo Wash™ 360˚
  • Steam+
  • ThinQ
  • Auto Dose
  • 1 Year Comprehensive, Including 10 Years on Motor
    [ Excluding Outer Steel Casing, Top Lid, Filters, pipes ]


The 13 kg front-load washing machine is a powerful and high-capacity appliance designed to meet the laundry demands of larger households or individuals with substantial washing needs. With its generous 13 kg washing capacity, this machine can accommodate sizable loads, making it an excellent choice for families, large households, or those with bulkier items like bedding and curtains.

Key Features:

  1. Impressive Washing Capacity: The 13 kg washing capacity is the standout feature of this front-load machine. It allows you to clean a substantial amount of laundry in a single cycle, making it perfect for households with heavy or frequent laundry requirements.
  2. Horizontal Drum Orientation: Front-load washing machines are known for their horizontal drum orientation, where the drum rotates horizontally. This design ensures thorough and gentle cleaning as clothes are gently lifted and tumbled, providing superior cleaning performance while minimizing wear and tear on garments.
  3. Multiple Wash Programs: The washing machine offers a wide range of wash programs and settings to cater to different fabric types and soil levels. Whether you have delicate garments requiring a gentle wash or heavily soiled items demanding a more intensive cycle, this machine provides flexibility and customization options to address your specific laundry needs.
  4. User-Friendly Controls: Operating this washing machine is intuitive and straightforward, often featuring a digital display and touch-sensitive buttons. This allows for easy program selection and adjustments, making laundry management hassle-free.
  5. Efficiency: Despite its large capacity, the appliance is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on both electricity and water bills. Many models come with sensors that optimize water usage and cycle duration based on the load size, promoting cost savings and environmental sustainability.
  6. Durability: Most 13 kg front-load washing machines feature robust construction and materials that resist rust and damage, ensuring longevity and consistent, reliable performance, even with heavy use.
  7. Quiet Operation: Front-load machines are renowned for their quiet operation, thanks to their horizontal drum design and efficient motors. This is particularly advantageous if your laundry area is located near living spaces or bedrooms.

In summary, the 13 kg front-load washing machine offers a high-capacity and efficient laundry solution for larger households. Its impressive capacity, horizontal drum orientation, customizable settings, energy-saving capabilities, user-friendly controls, durability, and quiet operation make it a valuable addition to any home, simplifying the laundry process and ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly and efficiently cleaned with each wash, regardless of the load size.


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