Scanner name: Futronic FS64 EBTS/F Fingerprint Sensor
Roll Print Size: 1.6 inch x 1.5 inch (40.64mm x 38.1mm)
Scanning Window Size: 3.2 inch x 3.0 inch (81.2mm x 76.2mm)
Optical Resolution: 500ppi, 256 gray level with 1600×1500 pixels image output.


The Futronic FS64 is a high-quality, compact, and versatile fingerprint scanner designed for biometric applications in various industries, including security, identity verification, and access control.

Superior Biometric Performance: The Futronic FS64 utilizes advanced optical fingerprint scanning technology, offering a high-resolution image capture (500 DPI) and fast capture speed. It ensures accurate and reliable fingerprint recognition, reducing false positives and enhancing security.

Large Scanning Area: The FS64 features a generous scanning area, allowing it to capture a large portion of the fingerprint in a single scan. This ensures comprehensive and detailed fingerprint images for precise identification.

Rugged and Compact Design: The device is built with durability in mind, featuring a rugged and compact construction. It can withstand daily use in various environments, making it suitable for both stationary and mobile applications.

Live Finger Detection: The FS64 incorporates live finger detection technology, ensuring that it can distinguish between real fingers and fake or spoofed fingerprints. This added security feature is crucial for fraud prevention and identity verification.

Versatile Usage: The fingerprint scanner is versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, including access control systems, time and attendance tracking, identity verification for law enforcement and border control, and more. It can also be used for mobile applications in the field.

Ease of Integration: The FS64 is designed for easy integration into existing systems and software. It supports various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Android, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and applications.

Fingerprint Template Storage: The device allows for the storage of fingerprint templates, which can be used for identity verification and access control. These templates can be securely stored and matched against for quick and accurate verification.

USB Connectivity: The FS64 typically connects via a USB interface, which is common and compatible with most computers and devices. This ensures easy setup and connectivity.

In summary, the Futronic FS64 is a reliable, high-performance fingerprint scanner designed for a variety of biometric applications. Its advanced scanning technology, large scanning area, live finger detection, and rugged design make it a versatile and secure choice for industries where fingerprint identification is crucial. Whether it’s for access control, time and attendance tracking, or identity verification, the FS64 provides accurate and reliable biometric solutions.


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