Caller ID-Speaker Phone with Redial and Pause
6-step LCD Contrast Adjustable Two way speaker caller ID Phone
16 Digit LCD Display
32 Digits redial Memory
VIP Number Storage
30 Incoming Calls Memory 5 Outgoing Calls Memory


The M500N Beetel is a versatile and user-friendly cordless phone system designed to cater to the communication needs of homes and businesses. Known for its reliable performance and feature-rich functionality, the M500N is a trusted choice for those seeking the convenience and mobility of cordless telephony.

Key Features of the M500N Beetel:

Cordless Convenience: The M500N consists of a cordless handset and a base station, allowing users to move freely within a certain range while making or receiving calls. This mobility is ideal for homes and offices where users need to stay connected on the go.

Digital Answering Machine: The integrated digital answering machine provides a convenient way to record and retrieve voicemail messages. Users can listen to incoming messages from the cordless handset or the base station.

Large and Backlit Display: The cordless handset features a large, easy-to-read display with backlighting. It shows essential call information, including caller ID, date, time, and battery status.

Caller ID Support: The M500N supports caller ID functionality, displaying the caller’s name or number on the handset’s screen. This feature helps users identify incoming calls and decide whether to answer.

Phonebook Directory: Users can store and access frequently dialed numbers in the phone’s phonebook directory. This eliminates the need to remember or manually dial important contacts.

Redial and Speed Dial: The handset offers redial functionality for quickly calling the last dialed number. Additionally, it allows users to set up speed dial shortcuts for frequently called contacts.

Hands-Free Speakerphone: With a built-in speakerphone, the cordless handset enables hands-free conversations, making it convenient for conference calls or multitasking.

Adjustable Ringer Tones and Volume: Users can customize the handset’s ringer tones and adjust the ringer volume to suit their preferences and the surrounding environment.

Call Waiting and Call Hold: The M500N supports call waiting, enabling users to manage multiple incoming calls. The call hold function allows users to put a call on hold while answering another.

Eco-Friendly Mode: The cordless handset features an eco-friendly mode that reduces power consumption when not in use, contributing to energy savings and prolonged battery life.

Intercom Functionality: If multiple handsets are used within the same system, the M500N allows for intercom communication between handsets, facilitating internal communication within the household or office.

In summary, the M500N Beetel cordless phone system offers a reliable and feature-rich communication solution with the added convenience of mobility. Its user-friendly design, caller ID support, digital answering machine, and various call management features make it an excellent choice for both residential and small business settings where cordless telephony is preferred for staying connected on the move.


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