Capacity: 4 Outside Lines
16 Extensions DISA 20 sec
3 Duration PC Program & Billing system
Toll Restriction, PC Program, SMDR, FSK, DTMF Caller ID


The TAD-416N Miracall PABX is a robust and versatile Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) system designed to cater to the communication needs of medium-sized to large businesses. With its extensive feature set and cutting-edge technology, it serves as a central communication hub, enhancing connectivity and collaboration within an organization.

Scalability is a key advantage of the TAD-416N. This PABX system can support up to 416 extensions, making it an ideal choice for organizations with growing telephony requirements. Whether you have multiple departments or a large workforce spread across different locations, the TAD-416N can adapt to your business’s evolving needs.

The TAD-416N offers a wide array of communication features designed to boost productivity and efficiency. It includes standard functions like call forwarding, call waiting, and voicemail, empowering users to manage their calls effectively. Additionally, it facilitates seamless conferencing, allowing teams to hold virtual meetings and discussions, irrespective of their geographic locations.

One of the standout features of the TAD-416N is its advanced call routing capabilities. It incorporates Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality, ensuring that incoming calls are intelligently routed to the most suitable agent or department based on predetermined criteria. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses with high call volumes or customer service-focused operations.

Security and reliability are paramount in the TAD-416N design. It includes redundant components and failover mechanisms to guarantee uninterrupted communication, even in the face of hardware failures or network disruptions. Moreover, it offers robust encryption and authentication protocols to protect sensitive conversations and data.

Installing and maintaining the TAD-416N is made simple with its intuitive web-based management interface. Administrators can easily configure extensions, set up call routing rules, and monitor call traffic, simplifying the management of the PABX system.

In conclusion, the TAD-416N Miracall PABX is a powerful communication solution tailored for medium to large businesses. Its scalability, comprehensive feature set, and emphasis on security and reliability make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to streamline their telephony infrastructure, enhance communication, and foster collaboration within their teams and with clients.


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