Supports Key Phone for various Purposes/
Welcome Messages Capacity: 4 Outside Lines
16 Extensions DISA 20 sec
3 Duration PC Program & Billing system
Toll Restriction
PC Program
DTMF Caller ID
Welcome Message, Call Forwarding, Call Interrupt and Break, Call Pickup, Call on Hold,


The TA-432 Miracall Hybrid PABX is a cutting-edge and versatile communication system that seamlessly integrates traditional and IP-based telephony technologies, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking the best of both worlds. This innovative PABX system combines the reliability of traditional analog phone lines (PSTN) with the flexibility and advanced features of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, providing a holistic communication solution for various business needs.

Key features of the TA-432 Miracall Hybrid PABX System include:

  1. Hybrid Functionality: The TA-432 is designed to operate in a hybrid environment, allowing businesses to utilize both traditional analog lines and SIP-based VoIP services. This flexibility enables organizations to leverage existing infrastructure while gradually transitioning to more cost-effective and feature-rich IP-based communication.
  2. Scalability: With support for a wide range of extensions, the TA-432 is suitable for small to large businesses with evolving communication requirements. Whether you have a growing workforce or multiple departments, this system can adapt to meet your organization’s needs, ensuring seamless and efficient communication.
  3. Advanced Features: The TA-432 offers a comprehensive set of features to enhance communication and productivity. It includes essential functions like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, and conferencing, empowering users to manage their calls effectively and collaborate seamlessly. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with IP-based communication tools, such as SIP trunks and IP phones, facilitating modern unified communications solutions.
  4. Security and Reliability: The TA-432 prioritizes security and reliability. It incorporates robust failover mechanisms and redundancy features to ensure uninterrupted communication, even in the event of hardware failures or network disruptions. It also supports encryption and authentication protocols to protect sensitive conversations and data.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The system features an intuitive web-based management interface, simplifying installation, configuration, and maintenance for administrators. This user-friendly interface allows for easy management of extensions, call routing rules, and call traffic monitoring.

In conclusion, the TA-432 Miracall Hybrid PABX System is a forward-thinking communication solution that offers businesses the flexibility to adapt to changing communication needs while maintaining the reliability of traditional telephony. Its hybrid functionality, scalability, advanced features, and emphasis on security and reliability make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a versatile, cost-effective, and future-ready communication solution. Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing telephony infrastructure or embrace the benefits of VoIP, the TA-432 can effectively meet your organization’s communication requirements.


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