Uniarch Wi-Fi PT Camera


  • 2.0 megapixel, 4mm Lens, 1/3″ color CMOS sensor and support IR upto 10mtr. range.
  • Two-way audio available (built-in microphone and speaker), H.264/H.265 Compression
  • Support 1 Micro SD card upto 256 GB
  • Support QR code intelligent connection
  • Support 360┬░panoramic view, 24-hour guard with motion alert.
  • Support RJ45 Interface, ONVIF, API Compatible


The Uniarch Uho-S2E is a state-of-the-art 2-megapixel (2 MP) Wi-Fi PT (Pan-Tilt) Camera, designed to deliver exceptional surveillance capabilities and flexibility for a wide range of security and monitoring applications.

The key feature of the Uho-S2E is its high-resolution 2 MP image sensor, which produces clear and detailed video footage. This camera ensures that every detail is captured with precision, providing sharp and vivid images in various lighting conditions. Whether used in well-lit environments or low-light scenarios, it excels in delivering high-quality video.

One of the most significant advantages of the Uho-S2E is its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This wireless capability simplifies installation and setup in various locations without the need for extensive cabling. It also enables remote access and control, allowing users to monitor their property from anywhere, whether through a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The camera’s PT capabilities allow for versatile coverage. It can pan and tilt to capture a wide area, and users can adjust the camera’s position remotely to surveil different angles. Additionally, the camera often supports two-way audio communication, which means users can both listen to and speak through the camera, making it a valuable tool for interactive surveillance.

Motion detection is a typical feature of the Uho-S2E. When the camera senses movement within its field of view, it can trigger alerts or recordings. This functionality is essential for real-time event monitoring and notifications, providing an extra layer of security and enabling quick responses.

The design of the Uho-S2E is typically sleek and unobtrusive, ensuring that it can blend seamlessly into various environments. Its compact and stylish design makes it an excellent choice for discreet surveillance needs, from homes to small businesses.

In terms of storage, the camera often supports local storage through microSD cards, ensuring that video footage can be recorded and accessed on-site. Additionally, it frequently offers cloud storage options, providing remote backup and access.

In summary, the Uniarch Uho-S2E 2 MP Wi-Fi PT Camera is an advanced and versatile surveillance solution. Its high-resolution imaging, wireless connectivity, PT capabilities, motion detection, and two-way audio make it an ideal choice for remote monitoring and interactive surveillance in various settings, from homes and small businesses to larger commercial installations. Its user-friendly design and wireless connectivity make it easy to set up and control, providing a seamless and reliable solution for enhanced security and peace of mind.


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