Finger + Card + PIN + Battery Backup
3,000 Finger. 3,000 Card, 3000 PIN
TCP/IP/USB Port 200,000 log Capacity
Simple Access Control
4Hours Battery Backup
NewFirmware ADMS Auto Push to remote server


The ZKTeco K40Pro is a versatile and advanced biometric access control and time attendance device designed to enhance security and streamline attendance tracking for businesses and organizations. With its comprehensive feature set and robust build, the K40Pro is a reliable solution for managing access and attendance efficiently.

This device is equipped with a high-quality fingerprint sensor that provides fast and accurate fingerprint recognition. It also supports RFID card and password-based authentication, offering multiple options for user verification. The combination of these authentication methods ensures that only authorized individuals can access secure areas.

The K40Pro features a user-friendly 2.8-inch TFT screen that allows for easy navigation and configuration. Its intuitive interface makes it simple to set up and manage user profiles, access control rules, and attendance tracking parameters. The device can store a considerable number of user records and transactions in its memory, making it suitable for medium to large-sized organizations.

One of the standout features of the K40Pro is its real-time monitoring capabilities. It can connect to a central management system or be accessed remotely through a network connection, enabling administrators to monitor access events and attendance records in real-time. This feature is particularly useful for security personnel and HR managers who need up-to-date information on who enters and exits premises and when employees clock in and out.

In terms of durability and reliability, the K40Pro is built to withstand daily usage and harsh environmental conditions. Its sturdy design ensures long-term performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

In summary, the ZKTeco K40Pro is a powerful and feature-rich biometric access control and time attendance device suitable for various organizations seeking to enhance security and streamline attendance management. With its combination of fingerprint, RFID card, and password authentication, user-friendly interface, real-time monitoring capabilities, and robust construction, the K40Pro offers a comprehensive solution for access control and attendance tracking needs.


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