ID Card Capacity : 30,000
Transaction Capacity : 80,000
Communication : TCP/IP, RS485, USB-Host
Interfaces for Access Control : 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, doorbell.
Auxiliary Interface : 1ea for linkage function
Wiegand Signal : Output & Input, SRB


The ZKTeco SC405 is a reliable and versatile RFID access control terminal designed to enhance security and streamline access management for businesses and organizations. This advanced device combines RFID card authentication with several powerful features to provide an effective solution for controlling access to secure areas.

Key Features:

  1. RFID Card Authentication: The SC405 primarily relies on RFID card authentication to grant access. Users can gain entry by presenting their RFID proximity cards, which is a convenient and contactless method for access control.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The device is equipped with a user-friendly 2.4-inch TFT screen that simplifies the configuration of user profiles, access control rules, and settings. The intuitive interface makes it easy for administrators to manage access permissions.
  3. Access Control Functions: The SC405 offers various access control functions, including time zones, anti-passback, and interlock. These features allow precise control over who can access specific areas and when, enhancing overall security management.
  4. Real-Time Monitoring: The device can be connected to a central management system or accessed remotely over a network, enabling administrators to monitor access events in real-time. This real-time monitoring capability is essential for enhancing security and tracking access history.
  5. Durable and Reliable: Built for durability and reliability, the SC405 is designed to withstand regular use and challenging environmental conditions. Its robust construction ensures long-term performance with minimal maintenance requirements.
  6. Expandability: The device may offer expandability options, allowing it to be integrated with other security systems and access control devices. This flexibility enables the creation of a comprehensive security solution tailored to an organization’s specific needs.
  7. Multiple Verification Methods: While the primary authentication method is RFID card-based, the SC405 may support additional verification methods for added security.
  8. Integration Capabilities: ZKTeco devices typically provide integration capabilities, allowing seamless integration into an organization’s existing infrastructure and access control systems.
  9. Comprehensive Reporting: The SC405 is likely to generate detailed reports and logs, providing administrators with valuable insights into access events and security incidents.

In summary, the ZKTeco SC405 is a robust RFID access control terminal designed to enhance security and streamline access management. With its RFID card authentication, user-friendly interface, access control functions, real-time monitoring capabilities, durable build, and potential for integration, the SC405 offers an efficient and secure solution for controlling access to secure areas in various business settings. It provides a reliable and convenient way to manage access while ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use.


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