Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Outdoor 305M


Conductor:0.56±0.005mm BC
Insulation:HDPEΦ 9±
Jacket:Gray PVC
Φ 0.6±0.20mm, Thickness 0.60mm


The Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Outdoor 305M is a robust and high-performance networking cable specifically designed for outdoor installations. With its Category 6 (Cat-6) classification, pure copper conductors, and an ample length of 305 meters, this cable is the ideal choice for outdoor networking projects that demand exceptional speed, reliability, and durability.

The most notable feature of this cable is its use of pure copper conductors. Unlike cables with Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors, pure copper provides superior electrical conductivity and performance. This ensures minimal signal loss and maximum data transmission speeds, making it ideal for high-bandwidth applications, such as outdoor surveillance systems, outdoor Wi-Fi networks, and long-distance connections.

The Cat-6 designation indicates that this cable can support Gigabit Ethernet and other high-speed networking protocols. Whether you’re connecting outdoor security cameras, access points, or other network devices, this cable can handle the data throughput demands of modern networks, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity in outdoor environments.

The cable’s outdoor-specific design is critical for its durability and longevity. It is constructed to withstand environmental factors like UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and moisture. The outer jacket is engineered to protect the pure copper conductors from damage caused by exposure to the elements, making it suitable for various outdoor applications, including installations in gardens, around buildings, or even for underground networking projects.

The 305-meter length of this cable, provided on a bulk spool, offers flexibility and convenience for various outdoor installation scenarios. It allows for custom cable runs to fit your specific outdoor networking needs. The cable is typically marked at intervals to aid in precise measurement and cutting, facilitating efficient installations.

Moreover, the Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Outdoor is designed to minimize crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI). This ensures a stable and interference-free network connection, even in outdoor settings with multiple cables and electronic devices.

In conclusion, the Cat-6 Cable Pure Copper Outdoor 305M is a premium networking solution built for demanding outdoor networking applications. Its use of pure copper conductors, high-speed capabilities, and resistance to environmental factors make it the go-to choice for outdoor networking projects. Whether you’re extending your network to an outdoor space, setting up outdoor security systems, or connecting remote outdoor devices, this cable ensures that your outdoor networking needs are met with exceptional performance, reliability, and durability.


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