Fingerprint access control


2.4-inch LCD TFT display,
3,000 fingerprints
3,000 cards and 100,000 events
storage Built-in card reader for EM or Mifare card
Communication via TCP/TP and Wi-Fi
Supports Wiegand interface
Alarm input and output interface


Hikvision Fingerprint Access Control System:

The Hik-vision Fingerprint Access Control System is an advanced security solution designed to provide secure and efficient access management for various environments, from businesses and educational institutions to government facilities. Leveraging cutting-edge biometric technology, this system enhances security while offering convenience and flexibility.

At the core of the Hik-vision Fingerprint Access Control System is its state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint recognition technology. This system uses high-resolution fingerprint sensors to capture and analyze unique fingerprint patterns, ensuring a highly accurate and secure means of user authentication. It eliminates the risk of unauthorized access and the common issues associated with traditional access control methods like keys or ID cards.

The device features a user-friendly interface, often with a touchscreen display, making it straightforward for users to gain access to secure areas or record their attendance. The fingerprint recognition process is quick and reliable, ensuring minimal wait times and reduced queues at access points. Additionally, the system can store and encrypt fingerprint templates securely, safeguarding sensitive biometric data.

One of the notable features of the Hikvision Fingerprint Access Control System is its versatility. It can operate in various modes, including standalone and networked configurations. In standalone mode, it’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses with basic access control needs. In networked mode, it seamlessly integrates with other security systems, allowing for centralized access control and real-time monitoring.

This system offers multiple authentication methods, such as card readers and PIN codes, providing flexibility to users based on their specific requirements. Moreover, it allows for user group management, time-based access control, and comprehensive reporting, making it a powerful tool for organizations seeking to streamline their security and attendance management processes.

The Hikvision Fingerprint Access Control System is also scalable, accommodating a growing number of users and access points. This makes it a suitable choice for organizations of all sizes, from small offices to large corporations with complex security needs.

In conclusion, the Hikvision Fingerprint Access Control System is a robust and versatile solution that combines advanced biometric technology with user-friendly features. It ensures the security of facilities while providing convenience and flexibility for users. Hikvision’s commitment to innovation and quality makes this system a trusted choice for those seeking efficient and secure access control solutions.


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