Access Control Terminal


Max. 3000 card number settings
Watchdog design
Data can be permanently saved after power-off
Adds up to 3000 card passwords
Supports exit button
Supports ID card and ID card number reading


The Hik-vision Access Control Terminal is a cutting-edge and comprehensive security system designed to manage and secure access to facilities and areas within organizations. This sophisticated device offers advanced access control capabilities, utilizing a range of authentication methods to enhance security while providing seamless user experiences

At its core, the Hik-vision Access Control Terminal is a powerful and adaptable system designed to manage access to secured areas. It is equipped with a multitude of authentication options, including fingerprint recognition, card access, PIN codes, and even facial recognition, ensuring the utmost security for any environment. The inclusion of these diverse verification methods allows organizations to tailor their access control policies to meet specific security needs and user preferences.

The system’s fingerprint recognition technology employs high-resolution sensors to capture and analyze an individual’s unique fingerprint patterns. This biometric method ensures exceptional accuracy and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. The device securely stores and encrypts fingerprint templates to protect sensitive biometric data.

In addition to fingerprint recognition, the Hikvision Access Control Terminal offers card and PIN code authentication, making it versatile and accessible to a wide range of users. It can even incorporate advanced facial recognition technology for touchless and highly secure access control.

The device features a user-friendly interface, often with a touchscreen display, making it intuitive for employees, visitors, or authorized personnel to access secured areas or record their attendance. The system provides real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, making it an essential tool for organizations aiming to maintain a high level of security and compliance.

One of the device’s strengths is its scalability and flexibility. It can easily accommodate a growing number of users and access points, making it suitable for small businesses, large corporations, and organizations with complex access control requirements.

Overall, the Hikvision Access Control Terminal is a robust and versatile solution for organizations looking to enhance their security and access management. With its advanced biometric and multi-authentication technology, user-friendly interface, and scalability, it provides a comprehensive and customizable security solution. Hikvision’s commitment to innovation and quality makes this terminal a trusted choice for organizations striving for efficient and secure access control.


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