8MP BigSize Bullet IP Camera


  • High quality image with 8MP, 1/1.8″CMOS sensor
  • Support 9:16 corridor Mode with IP67 Protection
  • 120dB true WDR technology enables clear image in strong light scene
  • Alarm:1 in/1 out, Audio: 1 in/1 out
  • Supports 256 GB micro SD card with IK10 vandal resistant
  • Support PoE power supply


The Uniview Bigsize Bullet Camera, model IPC2228SE-DF60K-WL-IO, represents a pinnacle in surveillance technology. This camera marries high-resolution imaging with cutting-edge features, all packed into a robust, larger-sized bullet-style housing. It is designed to meet the demanding security needs of a wide range of environments and applications, offering unmatched capabilities for comprehensive surveillance.

At the core of this camera is its remarkable 8-megapixel resolution, ensuring unparalleled image clarity and detail. This high-resolution feature guarantees that every fine detail is captured with precision, making it an excellent choice for surveillance scenarios where image quality is paramount.

One of the standout features of the IPC2228SE-DF60K-WL-IO is its remarkable image quality. The camera leverages advanced optics and sensor technology to produce stunningly clear and detailed footage, making it an ideal choice for critical surveillance applications, such as monitoring large areas or identifying intricate details.

The camera’s larger size accommodates a highly efficient Infrared (IR) illumination system, allowing it to capture footage in low-light conditions and complete darkness. This ensures round-the-clock surveillance with critical information never missed, making it invaluable for scenarios where nighttime security is of utmost importance.

The inclusion of Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology allows this camera to handle scenes with varying lighting conditions with ease. It adeptly manages high-contrast scenarios, such as intense backlighting and deep shadows, to produce well-exposed and balanced images. This makes it an excellent choice for locations with diverse lighting conditions, like building entrances or parking lots.

Moreover, the camera is equipped with advanced video analytics, which can identify and notify users of specific events, such as motion detection or intrusion, further enhancing its security capabilities.

The IPC2228SE-DF60K-WL-IO’s larger bullet-style design is built to withstand the elements, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. It is constructed with an IP-rated housing, safeguarding it against dust and water and ensuring consistent performance in a wide range of environmental conditions.

In summary, the 8 MP ColorHunter Bullet IP Camera (IPC2228SE-DF60K-WL-IO) offers unparalleled image quality, advanced night vision capabilities, and intelligent video analytics, all housed in a rugged, larger-sized design. This camera is an ideal choice for a wide range of surveillance applications, offering top-tier technology combined with durability and exceptional security features.


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